Currency Description
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Currency Code: JPY
Numeric Code: 392
Currency Sign: ¥

The Japanese yen (symbol: ¥; code: JPY) is the official currency of Japan. It is the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market after the United States dollar and the euro. It is also widely used as a reserve currency after the U.S. dollar, the euro, and the pound sterling.
Last Updated: 27 Sep 2023, 4:55 AM GMT

Japanese Yen (JPY) Exchange Rates

Currency Name Code 1 jpy in jpy Converter Chart
U.S. Dollar USD 0.006716 148.906757 JPY/USD Chart for USD per JPY
Euro EUR 0.006339 157.744757 JPY/EUR Chart for EUR per JPY
U.K. Pound Sterling GBP 0.005512 181.429337 JPY/GBP Chart for GBP per JPY
Australian Dollar AUD 0.010476 95.454303 JPY/AUD Chart for AUD per JPY
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.009067 110.285102 JPY/CAD Chart for CAD per JPY
Swiss Franc CHF 0.006131 163.115653 JPY/CHF Chart for CHF per JPY
Algerian Dinar DZD 0.916023 1.091676 JPY/DZD Chart for DZD per JPY
Argentine Peso ARS 2.350464 0.425448 JPY/ARS Chart for ARS per JPY
Armenia Dram AMD 2.590758 0.385987 JPY/AMD Chart for AMD per JPY
Azerbaijan Manat AZN 0.011402 87.700357 JPY/AZN Chart for AZN per JPY
Bahrain Dinar BHD 0.002526 395.943312 JPY/BHD Chart for BHD per JPY
Bangladeshi taka BDT 0.736604 1.357581 JPY/BDT Chart for BDT per JPY
Belarussian Ruble BYN 0.018222 54.879277 JPY/BYN Chart for BYN per JPY
Bolivian Boliviano BOB 0.046069 21.706524 JPY/BOB Chart for BOB per JPY
Brazilian Real BRL 0.033308 30.023065 JPY/BRL Chart for BRL per JPY
Bulgarian Lev BGN 0.012388 80.720332 JPY/BGN Chart for BGN per JPY
Central African CFA Franc XAF 4.166559 0.240006 JPY/XAF Chart for XAF per JPY
Chilean Peso CLP 6.067971 0.164800 JPY/CLP Chart for CLP per JPY
Chinese Yuan CNY 0.049090 20.370947 JPY/CNY Chart for CNY per JPY
Colombian Peso COP 27.259821 0.036684 JPY/COP Chart for COP per JPY
Costa Rican Colón CRC 3.602360 0.277596 JPY/CRC Chart for CRC per JPY
Czech Koruna CZK 0.154640 6.466623 JPY/CZK Chart for CZK per JPY
Danish Krone DKK 0.047244 21.166595 JPY/DKK Chart for DKK per JPY
Dominican Peso DOP 0.380279 2.629648 JPY/DOP Chart for DOP per JPY
Egyptian Pound EGP 0.207494 4.819418 JPY/EGP Chart for EGP per JPY
Georgian lari GEL 0.017638 56.696270 JPY/GEL Chart for GEL per JPY
Haitian gourde HTG 0.902078 1.108552 JPY/HTG Chart for HTG per JPY
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 0.052520 19.040353 JPY/HKD Chart for HKD per JPY
Hungarian Forint HUF 2.463506 0.405925 JPY/HUF Chart for HUF per JPY
Icelandic Krona ISK 0.918938 1.088213 JPY/ISK Chart for ISK per JPY
Indian Rupee INR 0.558985 1.788956 JPY/INR Chart for INR per JPY
Indonesian Rupiah IDR 104.093103 0.009607 JPY/IDR Chart for IDR per JPY
Iranian rial IRR 282.056012 0.003545 JPY/IRR Chart for IRR per JPY
Iraqi dinar IQD 8.797440 0.113669 JPY/IQD Chart for IQD per JPY
Israeli New Sheqel ILS 0.025654 38.980496 JPY/ILS Chart for ILS per JPY
Jordanian Dinar JOD 0.004761 210.032286 JPY/JOD Chart for JOD per JPY
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT 3.217521 0.310798 JPY/KZT Chart for KZT per JPY
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 0.002075 481.821040 JPY/KWD Chart for KWD per JPY
Kyrgyzstan Som KGS 0.592674 1.687267 JPY/KGS Chart for KGS per JPY
Lebanese Pound LBP 101.037696 0.009897 JPY/LBP Chart for LBP per JPY
Libyan Dinar LYD 0.032353 30.908802 JPY/LYD Chart for LYD per JPY
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 0.031438 31.808444 JPY/MYR Chart for MYR per JPY
Mexican Peso MXN 0.117164 8.535013 JPY/MXN Chart for MXN per JPY
Moldova Lei MDL 0.122052 8.193228 JPY/MDL Chart for MDL per JPY
Moroccan Dirham MAD 0.068296 14.642088 JPY/MAD Chart for MAD per JPY
Nepalese Rupee NPR 0.892443 1.120520 JPY/NPR Chart for NPR per JPY
Neth. Antillean Guilder ANG 0.012021 83.188086 JPY/ANG Chart for ANG per JPY
New Taiwan Dollar TWD 0.215931 4.631115 JPY/TWD Chart for TWD per JPY
New Turkmenistan Manat TMT 0.023505 42.544904 JPY/TMT Chart for TMT per JPY
New Zealand Dollar NZD 0.011268 88.750081 JPY/NZD Chart for NZD per JPY
Nigerian Naira NGN 5.225431 0.191372 JPY/NGN Chart for NGN per JPY
Norwegian Krone NOK 0.072525 13.788351 JPY/NOK Chart for NOK per JPY
Omani Rial OMR 0.002584 387.022313 JPY/OMR Chart for OMR per JPY
Pakistani Rupee PKR 2.020575 0.494909 JPY/PKR Chart for PKR per JPY
Panamanian Balboa PAB 0.006716 148.906757 JPY/PAB Chart for PAB per JPY
Paraguayan Guaraní PYG 49.009679 0.020404 JPY/PYG Chart for PYG per JPY
Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN 0.025400 39.370461 JPY/PEN Chart for PEN per JPY
Philippine Peso PHP 0.382611 2.613621 JPY/PHP Chart for PHP per JPY
Polish Zloty PLN 0.029194 34.253431 JPY/PLN Chart for PLN per JPY
Qatari Rial QAR 0.024490 40.832842 JPY/QAR Chart for QAR per JPY
Romanian New Leu RON 0.031478 31.768047 JPY/RON Chart for RON per JPY
Russian Rouble RUB 0.649668 1.539248 JPY/RUB Chart for RUB per JPY
Saudi Riyal SAR 0.025192 39.695385 JPY/SAR Chart for SAR per JPY
Serbian Dinar RSD 0.727177 1.375182 JPY/RSD Chart for RSD per JPY
Singapore Dollar SGD 0.009185 108.867544 JPY/SGD Chart for SGD per JPY
South African Rand ZAR 0.127647 7.834125 JPY/ZAR Chart for ZAR per JPY
South Korean Won KRW 9.062128 0.110349 JPY/KRW Chart for KRW per JPY
Sri Lanka Rupee LKR 2.173506 0.460086 JPY/LKR Chart for LKR per JPY
Swedish Krona SEK 0.073919 13.528336 JPY/SEK Chart for SEK per JPY
Tajikistan Ruble TJS 0.073620 13.583324 JPY/TJS Chart for TJS per JPY
Thai Baht THB 0.242567 4.122573 JPY/THB Chart for THB per JPY
Tunisian Dinar TND 0.020947 47.739556 JPY/TND Chart for TND per JPY
Turkish Lira TRY 0.183030 5.463595 JPY/TRY Chart for TRY per JPY
U.A.E Dirham AED 0.024667 40.540765 JPY/AED Chart for AED per JPY
Ukrainian Hryvnia UAH 0.246296 4.060149 JPY/UAH Chart for UAH per JPY
Uruguayan Peso UYU 0.257039 3.890460 JPY/UYU Chart for UYU per JPY
Uzbekistan Sum UZS 81.191698 0.012317 JPY/UZS Chart for UZS per JPY
Venezuelan Bolivar VES 0.227964 4.386649 JPY/VES Chart for VES per JPY
Vietnamese Dong VND 163.421697 0.006119 JPY/VND Chart for VND per JPY
West African CFA Franc XOF 4.166559 0.240006 JPY/XOF Chart for XOF per JPY
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