National Bank of Poland
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Base Currency: PLN

The central bank plays a key role in a developed market economy. It fulfils the following three basic functions:
Issuing bank. The NBP has the sole right to issue the currency that is legal tender in Poland. Narodowy Bank Polski determines the amount of currency issued and the time at which the currency enters in circulation, for the liquidity of which it is responsible. It also organises money circulation and regulates the amount of currency in circulation.
Banks' bank. The NBP performs regulatory functions with regard to other banks, in order to ensure the safety of deposits held by the banks and the stability of the banking sector. The NBP organises the monetary clearing system, services current interbank settlements and actively participates in the interbank money market. Narodowy Bank Polski is responsible for the stability and safety of the entire banking system. The NBP also supervises payment systems in Poland.
Central bank of the State. The NBP provides banking services to the central government, holds the accounts of government and other central state institutions, state special-purpose funds, as well as central government entities, and executes their payment orders.
Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023, 10:55 AM GMT

National Bank of Poland Exchange Rates

Currency Name Code 1 PLN in PLN Converter Chart
U.S. Dollar USD 0.251572 3.975000 PLN/USD Chart for USD per PLN
Euro EUR 0.229663 4.354200 PLN/EUR Chart for EUR per PLN
U.K. Pound Sterling GBP 0.199211 5.019800 PLN/GBP Chart for GBP per PLN
Australian Dollar AUD 0.380272 2.629700 PLN/AUD Chart for AUD per PLN
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.341775 2.925900 PLN/CAD Chart for CAD per PLN
Japanese Yen JPY 37.369208 0.026760 PLN/JPY Chart for JPY per PLN
Swiss Franc CHF 0.221361 4.517500 PLN/CHF Chart for CHF per PLN
Brazilian Real BRL 1.231982 0.811700 PLN/BRL Chart for BRL per PLN
Bulgarian Lev BGN 0.449196 2.226200 PLN/BGN Chart for BGN per PLN
Chilean Peso CLP 219.202104 0.004562 PLN/CLP Chart for CLP per PLN
Chinese Yuan CNY 1.799532 0.555700 PLN/CNY Chart for CNY per PLN
Czech Koruna CZK 5.586592 0.179000 PLN/CZK Chart for CZK per PLN
Danish Krone DKK 1.712329 0.584000 PLN/DKK Chart for DKK per PLN
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 1.961554 0.509800 PLN/HKD Chart for HKD per PLN
Hungarian Forint HUF 87.290503 0.011456 PLN/HUF Chart for HUF per PLN
Icelandic Krona ISK 34.563805 0.028932 PLN/ISK Chart for ISK per PLN
Indian Rupee INR 20.966119 0.047696 PLN/INR Chart for INR per PLN
Indonesian Rupiah IDR 3,883.042752 0.000258 PLN/IDR Chart for IDR per PLN
Israeli New Sheqel ILS 0.932053 1.072900 PLN/ILS Chart for ILS per PLN
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 1.175226 0.850900 PLN/MYR Chart for MYR per PLN
Mexican Peso MXN 4.317789 0.231600 PLN/MXN Chart for MXN per PLN
New Zealand Dollar NZD 0.412899 2.421900 PLN/NZD Chart for NZD per PLN
Norwegian Krone NOK 2.683123 0.372700 PLN/NOK Chart for NOK per PLN
Philippine Peso PHP 13.927577 0.071800 PLN/PHP Chart for PHP per PLN
Romanian New Leu RON 1.142074 0.875600 PLN/RON Chart for RON per PLN
Singapore Dollar SGD 0.336078 2.975500 PLN/SGD Chart for SGD per PLN
South African Rand ZAR 4.712535 0.212200 PLN/ZAR Chart for ZAR per PLN
South Korean Won KRW 325.839036 0.003069 PLN/KRW Chart for KRW per PLN
Swedish Krona SEK 2.622607 0.381300 PLN/SEK Chart for SEK per PLN
Thai Baht THB 8.787346 0.113800 PLN/THB Chart for THB per PLN
Turkish Lira TRY 7.278020 0.137400 PLN/TRY Chart for TRY per PLN
Ukrainian Hryvnia UAH 9.149131 0.109300 PLN/UAH Chart for UAH per PLN
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