Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
Base Currency: DOP

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic was created on October 9th, 1947, in accordance with Statutory Law No. 1529. It commenced operations on October 23rd of the same year, serving as a decentralized and independent organization. At present, it is governed by the Monetary and Financial Law.

The Central Bank is ruled by the Monetary Board.

To guarantee the stability of prices, the appropriate regulation of the financial system and the suitable operation of the payment systems, acting as the issuer and executor of the monetary and exchange, in agreement with the duties conferred this institution by the constitution and the law.

Last Updated: 1 Jul 2022, 9:55 PM GMT

Central Bank of the Dominican Republic Exchange Rates

Currency Name Code 1 DOP in DOP Converter Chart
U.S. Dollar USD 0.018263 54.755900 DOP/USD Chart for USD per DOP
Euro EUR 0.017518 57.083000 DOP/EUR Chart for EUR per DOP
U.K. Pound Sterling GBP 0.015148 66.013700 DOP/GBP Chart for GBP per DOP
Australian Dollar AUD 0.026739 37.398300 DOP/AUD Chart for AUD per DOP
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.023507 42.540400 DOP/CAD Chart for CAD per DOP
Japanese Yen JPY 2.483238 0.402700 DOP/JPY Chart for JPY per DOP
Swiss Franc CHF 0.017539 57.016600 DOP/CHF Chart for CHF per DOP
Brazilian Real BRL 0.095365 10.486000 DOP/BRL Chart for BRL per DOP
Danish Krone DKK 0.130320 7.673400 DOP/DKK Chart for DKK per DOP
Norwegian Krone NOK 0.181577 5.507300 DOP/NOK Chart for NOK per DOP
Swedish Krona SEK 0.187935 5.321000 DOP/SEK Chart for SEK per DOP
Venezuelan Bolivar VES 0.100911 9.909700 DOP/VES Chart for VES per DOP
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