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FloatRates is a company specializing in currency exchange rates services.

The best specialists in economic and programming fields have combined their efforts to provide the most accurate formula to gather precise currency exchange rates from all over the world.

Through professional experience FloatRates knows the European and international community, its institutions, organisations, websites and working procedures - which is why they have been able to create a pioneer service for a professional internet audience.

The currency exchange data on FloatRates is gathered from top Central Banks and leading International Financial Institutions. The received data goes through a unique formula developed exclusively for FloatRates website. This formula is based on coefficients of efficiency and allows to filter currency rates results from multiple sources.

This way exchange currency rates on FloatRates are true, up-to-date and represent a solid average value on the market.

Running an e-commerce business it is very important to provide your customers with correct prices - if you overcharge customer with too high currency exchange rate they simply won't return to your site anymore, if you undercharge them you will take yourself some part of the profit.

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