Multi-Currency Cart Widget
General Description
Improve international sales by letting your customers to see prices in multi-currencies using latest exchange rates. It's easy to show product in two and more popular currencies like US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and other currencies using our latest live rates. Just define your prices in your own base currency and our multi-currency cart widget do the rest.
You can fully control the format of your currency look:
  • set the look of your price value
  • set the number of decimal points for each currency
  • set the separator for the decimal point
  • set the thousands separator
  • set currency sign on left and right
Full Format:
<div class="frPrice" data-value="10000" data-base="usd" data-target="eur" data-left="€" data-right="</span>" data-decimals="3" data-point=".<span style=&quot;font-size: 10px;&quot;>" data-separator=", " > </div>
Format Example:
Attributes Description:
Name Example Allowed Values Description
class frPrice euroPrice list of class names frPrice class name required by converter to detect values you would like to convert.
You can use as many classes as you like.
data-value 10000.00 Numeric values [0-9] and dot '.' symbol Price of your product in your base currency
data-base (1) usd 3-letter alphacode Code of your base currency used to set prices
data-target (1) eur 3-letter alphacode Code of your target currency you like prices show
data-left (2) any symbols Symbols to be shown before currency value
data-right (2) EUR any symbols Symbols to be shown after currency value
data-decimals (2) 2 Numeric values [0-9] Number of decimal points for currency
data-point (2) . any symbols Separator for the decimal point
data-separator (2) , any symbols Thousands separator
(1) - USD value used by default if not set
(2) - Float Rates settings used by default if not set
Triple Currency Example:

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