Norges Bank
Base Currency: NOK

Norges Bank shall promote economic stability in Norway. Norges Bank has executive and advisory responsibilities in the area of monetary policy and is responsible for promoting robust and efficient payment systems and financial markets. Norges Bank manages Norway’s foreign exchange reserves and the Government Pension Fund Global.
Last Updated: 24 Jun 2019, 3:00 PM GMT

Norges Bank Exchange Rates

Currency Name Code 1 NOK in NOK Converter Chart
U.S. Dollar USD 0.117898 8.481900 NOK/USD Chart for USD per NOK
Euro EUR 0.103474 9.664300 NOK/EUR Chart for EUR per NOK
U.K. Pound Sterling GBP 0.092469 10.814400 NOK/GBP Chart for GBP per NOK
Australian Dollar AUD 0.169540 5.898300 NOK/AUD Chart for AUD per NOK
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.155521 6.430000 NOK/CAD Chart for CAD per NOK
Japanese Yen JPY 12.649581 0.079054 NOK/JPY Chart for JPY per NOK
Swiss Franc CHF 0.114949 8.699500 NOK/CHF Chart for CHF per NOK
Bangladeshi taka BDT 9.960159 0.100400 NOK/BDT Chart for BDT per NOK
Belarussian Ruble BYN 0.240033 4.166100 NOK/BYN Chart for BYN per NOK
Brazilian Real BRL 0.450775 2.218400 NOK/BRL Chart for BRL per NOK
Bulgarian Lev BGN 0.202372 4.941400 NOK/BGN Chart for BGN per NOK
Chinese Yuan CNY 0.810767 1.233400 NOK/CNY Chart for CNY per NOK
Croatian Kuna HRK 0.765345 1.306600 NOK/HRK Chart for HRK per NOK
Czech Koruna CZK 2.649007 0.377500 NOK/CZK Chart for CZK per NOK
Danish Krone DKK 0.772559 1.294400 NOK/DKK Chart for DKK per NOK
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 0.920895 1.085900 NOK/HKD Chart for HKD per NOK
Hungarian Forint HUF 33.555921 0.029801 NOK/HUF Chart for HUF per NOK
Icelandic Krona ISK 14.641288 0.068300 NOK/ISK Chart for ISK per NOK
Indian Rupee INR 8.183306 0.122200 NOK/INR Chart for INR per NOK
Indonesian Rupiah IDR 1,668.502019 0.000599 NOK/IDR Chart for IDR per NOK
Israeli New Sheqel ILS 0.424538 2.355500 NOK/ILS Chart for ILS per NOK
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 0.488091 2.048800 NOK/MYR Chart for MYR per NOK
Mexican Peso MXN 2.257846 0.442900 NOK/MXN Chart for MXN per NOK
New Zealand Dollar NZD 0.178431 5.604400 NOK/NZD Chart for NZD per NOK
Pakistani Rupee PKR 18.545994 0.053920 NOK/PKR Chart for PKR per NOK
Philippine Peso PHP 6.056568 0.165110 NOK/PHP Chart for PHP per NOK
Polish Zloty PLN 0.440238 2.271500 NOK/PLN Chart for PLN per NOK
Romanian New Leu RON 0.488210 2.048300 NOK/RON Chart for RON per NOK
Russian Rouble RUB 7.420600 0.134760 NOK/RUB Chart for RUB per NOK
Singapore Dollar SGD 0.159650 6.263700 NOK/SGD Chart for SGD per NOK
South African Rand ZAR 1.689760 0.591800 NOK/ZAR Chart for ZAR per NOK
South Korean Won KRW 136.351241 0.007334 NOK/KRW Chart for KRW per NOK
Swedish Krona SEK 1.097574 0.911100 NOK/SEK Chart for SEK per NOK
Thai Baht THB 3.622401 0.276060 NOK/THB Chart for THB per NOK
Turkish Lira TRY 0.683434 1.463200 NOK/TRY Chart for TRY per NOK
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