Bank Of Israel
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‚ÄčThe Bank of Israel is the central bank of the State of Israel. The Bank was established in 1954. It is situated in Kiryat Ben Gurion in Jerusalem, close to the Knesset (Israel's parliament), the Supreme Court, and government ministries. The Bank has a branch in Tel Aviv (on Lillienblum Street), and there is also an extension of the Banking Supervision Department in Tel Aviv (on Yavneh Street). The Bank is independent, and its objectives and operating methods are specified in the Bank of Israel Law, 5770-2010. Its objectives are to maintain price stability, to support the Government's objectives -- especially growth and employment, and to support the stability of the financial system. The Bank acts to increase public awareness of its activities and the areas of its responsibility. It does so by means of its publications, press releases, etc. In addition, there is a Visitors Center in the Bank's premises in Jerusalem, with an exhibition showing the development of money and the issue of money, and with films, lectures and games explaining the main functions of the Bank.
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Bank Of Israel Exchange Rates

Currency Name Code 1 ILS in ILS Converter Chart
U.S. Dollar USD 0.275938 3.624000 ILS/USD Chart for USD per ILS
Euro EUR 0.235217 4.251400 ILS/EUR Chart for EUR per ILS
U.K. Pound Sterling GBP 0.214069 4.671400 ILS/GBP Chart for GBP per ILS
Australian Dollar AUD 0.348432 2.870000 ILS/AUD Chart for AUD per ILS
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.348809 2.866900 ILS/CAD Chart for CAD per ILS
Japanese Yen JPY 30.088762 0.033235 ILS/JPY Chart for JPY per ILS
Swiss Franc CHF 0.265428 3.767500 ILS/CHF Chart for CHF per ILS
Danish Krone DKK 1.748863 0.571800 ILS/DKK Chart for DKK per ILS
Egyptian Pound EGP 4.904365 0.203900 ILS/EGP Chart for EGP per ILS
Jordanian Dinar JOD 0.195653 5.111100 ILS/JOD Chart for JOD per ILS
Lebanese Pound LBP 414.937759 0.002410 ILS/LBP Chart for LBP per ILS
Norwegian Krone NOK 2.191541 0.456300 ILS/NOK Chart for NOK per ILS
South African Rand ZAR 3.650968 0.273900 ILS/ZAR Chart for ZAR per ILS
Swedish Krona SEK 2.242152 0.446000 ILS/SEK Chart for SEK per ILS
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