International Monetary Fund
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Base Currency: USD

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 188 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.
Last Updated: 14 Aug 2018, 3:00 PM GMT

International Monetary Fund Exchange Rates

Currency Name Code 1 USD in USD Converter Chart
Euro EUR 0.876732 1.140600 USD/EUR Chart for EUR per USD
Australian Dollar AUD 1.373815 0.727900 USD/AUD Chart for AUD per USD
Canadian Dollar CAD 1.311300 0.762602 USD/CAD Chart for CAD per USD
Japanese Yen JPY 110.760000 0.009029 USD/JPY Chart for JPY per USD
Swiss Franc CHF 0.994700 1.005328 USD/CHF Chart for CHF per USD
Algerian Dinar DZD 118.904000 0.008410 USD/DZD Chart for DZD per USD
Bahrain Dinar BHD 0.376000 2.659574 USD/BHD Chart for BHD per USD
Barbadian Dollar BBD 2.000000 0.500000 USD/BBD Chart for BBD per USD
Botswana Pula BWP 10.649627 0.093900 USD/BWP Chart for BWP per USD
Brunei Dollar BND 1.375700 0.726903 USD/BND Chart for BND per USD
Chilean Peso CLP 653.980000 0.001529 USD/CLP Chart for CLP per USD
Chinese Yuan CNY 6.882100 0.145304 USD/CNY Chart for CNY per USD
Colombian Peso COP 2,940.950000 0.000340 USD/COP Chart for COP per USD
Czech Koruna CZK 22.503000 0.044439 USD/CZK Chart for CZK per USD
Danish Krone DKK 6.536500 0.152987 USD/DKK Chart for DKK per USD
Hungarian Forint HUF 284.750000 0.003512 USD/HUF Chart for HUF per USD
Icelandic Krona ISK 109.020000 0.009173 USD/ISK Chart for ISK per USD
Indian Rupee INR 69.468500 0.014395 USD/INR Chart for INR per USD
Indonesian Rupiah IDR 14,583.000000 0.000069 USD/IDR Chart for IDR per USD
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT 363.220000 0.002753 USD/KZT Chart for KZT per USD
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 0.303400 3.295979 USD/KWD Chart for KWD per USD
Libyan Dinar LYD 0.720679 1.387580 USD/LYD Chart for LYD per USD
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 4.092500 0.244349 USD/MYR Chart for MYR per USD
Mauritian Rupee MUR 34.480500 0.029002 USD/MUR Chart for MUR per USD
Nepalese Rupee NPR 110.130000 0.009080 USD/NPR Chart for NPR per USD
New Zealand Dollar NZD 1.518603 0.658500 USD/NZD Chart for NZD per USD
Norwegian Krone NOK 8.357000 0.119660 USD/NOK Chart for NOK per USD
Pakistani Rupee PKR 124.021900 0.008063 USD/PKR Chart for PKR per USD
Polish Zloty PLN 3.786200 0.264117 USD/PLN Chart for PLN per USD
Russian Rouble RUB 68.223400 0.014658 USD/RUB Chart for RUB per USD
Saudi Riyal SAR 3.750000 0.266667 USD/SAR Chart for SAR per USD
Singapore Dollar SGD 1.375700 0.726903 USD/SGD Chart for SGD per USD
South African Rand ZAR 14.266550 0.070094 USD/ZAR Chart for ZAR per USD
South Korean Won KRW 1,126.300000 0.000888 USD/KRW Chart for KRW per USD
Swedish Krona SEK 9.173400 0.109011 USD/SEK Chart for SEK per USD
Thai Baht THB 33.254000 0.030072 USD/THB Chart for THB per USD
Tunisian Dinar TND 2.736000 0.365497 USD/TND Chart for TND per USD
U.A.E Dirham AED 3.672500 0.272294 USD/AED Chart for AED per USD
Venezuelan Bolivar VEF 248,209.920000 0.000004 USD/VEF Chart for VEF per USD
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