Paraguayan Guaraní (PYG)
Currency Code: PYG
Numeric Code: 600
Currency Sign: ₲

The guaraní (alternate sign: Gs.) is the national currency unit of Paraguay. The guaraní was divided into 100 céntimos but, because of inflation, céntimos are no longer in use.
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2017, 9:00 PM GMT

Paraguayan Guaraní (PYG) Exchange Rates

Currency Name Code 1 pyg in pyg Converter Chart
U.S. Dollar USD 0.000178 5,622.950820 PYG/USD Chart for USD per PYG
Euro EUR 0.000150 6,653.147464 PYG/EUR Chart for EUR per PYG
U.K. Pound Sterling GBP 0.000135 7,405.548249 PYG/GBP Chart for GBP per PYG
Australian Dollar AUD 0.000226 4,420.662539 PYG/AUD Chart for AUD per PYG
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.000222 4,505.620733 PYG/CAD Chart for CAD per PYG
Japanese Yen JPY 0.020050 49.875331 PYG/JPY Chart for JPY per PYG
Swiss Franc CHF 0.000174 5,762.194458 PYG/CHF Chart for CHF per PYG
Algerian Dinar DZD 0.020322 49.208189 PYG/DZD Chart for DZD per PYG
Argentine Peso ARS 0.003089 323.704918 PYG/ARS Chart for ARS per PYG
Armenia Dram AMD 0.085578 11.685302 PYG/AMD Chart for AMD per PYG
Azerbaijan Manat AZN 0.000302 3,307.426810 PYG/AZN Chart for AZN per PYG
Bahrain Dinar BHD 0.000067 14,954.656435 PYG/BHD Chart for BHD per PYG
Barbadian Dollar BBD 0.000356 2,811.475410 PYG/BBD Chart for BBD per PYG
Belarussian Ruble BYN 0.000348 2,872.455676 PYG/BYN Chart for BYN per PYG
Bolivian Boliviano BOB 0.001220 819.672131 PYG/BOB Chart for BOB per PYG
Botswana Pula BWP 0.001835 544.863934 PYG/BWP Chart for BWP per PYG
Brazilian Real BRL 0.000565 1,771.458884 PYG/BRL Chart for BRL per PYG
Brunei Dollar BND 0.000242 4,137.564989 PYG/BND Chart for BND per PYG
Bulgarian Lev BGN 0.000294 3,401.575381 PYG/BGN Chart for BGN per PYG
Central African CFA Franc XAF 0.098700 10.131740 PYG/XAF Chart for XAF per PYG
Chilean Peso CLP 0.111158 8.996167 PYG/CLP Chart for CLP per PYG
Chinese Yuan CNY 0.001177 849.572113 PYG/CNY Chart for CNY per PYG
Colombian Peso COP 0.522068 1.915459 PYG/COP Chart for COP per PYG
Costa Rican Colón CRC 0.101378 9.864047 PYG/CRC Chart for CRC per PYG
Croatian Kuna HRK 0.001129 886.119549 PYG/HRK Chart for HRK per PYG
Czech Koruna CZK 0.003866 258.680801 PYG/CZK Chart for CZK per PYG
Danish Krone DKK 0.001119 893.805576 PYG/DKK Chart for DKK per PYG
Dominican Peso DOP 0.008495 117.718194 PYG/DOP Chart for DOP per PYG
Egyptian Pound EGP 0.003130 319.473569 PYG/EGP Chart for EGP per PYG
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 0.001387 720.793443 PYG/HKD Chart for HKD per PYG
Hungarian Forint HUF 0.046450 21.528557 PYG/HUF Chart for HUF per PYG
Icelandic Krona ISK 0.018720 53.419635 PYG/ISK Chart for ISK per PYG
Indian Rupee INR 0.011565 86.469863 PYG/INR Chart for INR per PYG
Indonesian Rupiah IDR 2.407878 0.415303 PYG/IDR Chart for IDR per PYG
Israeli New Sheqel ILS 0.000622 1,606.489855 PYG/ILS Chart for ILS per PYG
Jordanian Dinar JOD 0.000126 7,931.741797 PYG/JOD Chart for JOD per PYG
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT 0.059419 16.829601 PYG/KZT Chart for KZT per PYG
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 0.000054 18,612.879244 PYG/KWD Chart for KWD per PYG
Kyrgyzstan Som KGS 0.012209 81.907480 PYG/KGS Chart for KGS per PYG
Lebanese Pound LBP 0.267832 3.733678 PYG/LBP Chart for LBP per PYG
Libyan Dinar LYD 0.000126 7,942.024426 PYG/LYD Chart for LYD per PYG
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 0.000751 1,331.081771 PYG/MYR Chart for MYR per PYG
Mauritian Rupee MUR 0.006039 165.583015 PYG/MUR Chart for MUR per PYG
Mexican Peso MXN 0.003349 298.578495 PYG/MXN Chart for MXN per PYG
Moldova Lei MDL 0.003083 324.404379 PYG/MDL Chart for MDL per PYG
Nepalese Rupee NPR 0.018506 54.035660 PYG/NPR Chart for NPR per PYG
New Taiwan Dollar TWD 0.005378 185.933572 PYG/TWD Chart for TWD per PYG
New Turkmenistan Manat TMT 0.000622 1,606.787600 PYG/TMT Chart for TMT per PYG
New Zealand Dollar NZD 0.000251 3,984.026394 PYG/NZD Chart for NZD per PYG
Nicaraguan Córdoba NIO 0.005423 184.408017 PYG/NIO Chart for NIO per PYG
Nigerian Naira NGN 0.054260 18.429862 PYG/NGN Chart for NGN per PYG
Norwegian Krone NOK 0.001415 706.730208 PYG/NOK Chart for NOK per PYG
Omani Rial OMR 0.000068 14,624.059349 PYG/OMR Chart for OMR per PYG
Pakistani Rupee PKR 0.018748 53.337856 PYG/PKR Chart for PKR per PYG
Papua New Guinean kina PGK 0.000569 1,757.200105 PYG/PGK Chart for PGK per PYG
Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN 0.000575 1,737.622620 PYG/PEN Chart for PEN per PYG
Philippine Peso PHP 0.009147 109.330860 PYG/PHP Chart for PHP per PYG
Polish Zloty PLN 0.000638 1,566.932561 PYG/PLN Chart for PLN per PYG
Qatari Rial QAR 0.000647 1,544.766709 PYG/QAR Chart for QAR per PYG
Romanian New Leu RON 0.000691 1,447.634651 PYG/RON Chart for RON per PYG
Russian Rouble RUB 0.010225 97.801412 PYG/RUB Chart for RUB per PYG
Saudi Riyal SAR 0.000667 1,499.348236 PYG/SAR Chart for SAR per PYG
Serbian Dinar RSD 0.017969 55.649882 PYG/RSD Chart for RSD per PYG
Singapore Dollar SGD 0.000241 4,140.795269 PYG/SGD Chart for SGD per PYG
South African Rand ZAR 0.002409 415.129785 PYG/ZAR Chart for ZAR per PYG
South Korean Won KRW 0.201133 4.971837 PYG/KRW Chart for KRW per PYG
Sri Lanka Rupee LKR 0.027320 36.603225 PYG/LKR Chart for LKR per PYG
Swedish Krona SEK 0.001448 690.502628 PYG/SEK Chart for SEK per PYG
Tajikistan Ruble TJS 0.001565 638.971329 PYG/TJS Chart for TJS per PYG
Thai Baht THB 0.005893 169.694100 PYG/THB Chart for THB per PYG
Trinidad Tobago Dollar TTD 0.001200 833.116148 PYG/TTD Chart for TTD per PYG
Tunisian Dinar TND 0.000441 2,265.583150 PYG/TND Chart for TND per PYG
Turkish Lira TRY 0.000651 1,536.503108 PYG/TRY Chart for TRY per PYG
U.A.E Dirham AED 0.000653 1,531.096378 PYG/AED Chart for AED per PYG
Ukrainian Hryvnia UAH 0.004713 212.180972 PYG/UAH Chart for UAH per PYG
Uruguayan Peso UYU 0.005236 191.000000 PYG/UYU Chart for UYU per PYG
Uzbekistan Sum UZS 1.433189 0.697745 PYG/UZS Chart for UZS per PYG
Venezuelan Bolivar VEF 0.001774 563.696135 PYG/VEF Chart for VEF per PYG
Vietnamese Dong VND 4.035089 0.247826 PYG/VND Chart for VND per PYG
West African CFA Franc XOF 0.098700 10.131740 PYG/XOF Chart for XOF per PYG
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